Monday, December 03, 2007

Return to Nonsense.. once again! Heh..

I have not blogged since my first post(if you can call it that!) but have become a regular reader of blogs meanwhile. Lets see if this return lasts.

I just happened to read an existing blog entry.(this actually came from a mail discussion with Mando and a few others). And since i'm anyway lazy might as well start with that. Heh!

The original masterpiece: :-)

And my take on it -

Deepak gazed over the Kaveri River, feeling the faint breeze against his face, eyes shut and Rock Fort temple music enchanting in his ears. - Ahem.. if the eyes were shut how on earth did he gaze?!! rock fort temple music enchanting in his ears - WTF??

Dressed in blue Lukhnawi kurta pajama, wearing an innocent smile on his clean shaved face, he was happier than he had ever thought possible - thereby concluding that it was the blue Lukhnawi(Lucknowi??) kurta which made him smile and that makes him happier than ever before.

Her dark long hair slightly ruffled and her eyes full of adoration as she looked at his groom to be. - this explains everything, the groom is a 3rd person who he blue-kurta-happy-smiley is marrying. Now, the kaveri river usually has sadhu's praying, dhobi's washing clothes or workers bathing - so we still dont know who amongst them is making him so happy. On a side note, there are bulls bathing in the river too.

He was a very handsome man in mid twenties, but Roshini had always loved Deepak for his intensity and his innocence. She always knew guys like Deepak are one in crores. - Okay. So the guy she likes is deepak and the sadhu/dhobi/worker is a handsome man who makes the blue kurta wearer very happy. And apparently only one guy in a crore likes Deepak.

[please pause here to grasp the intensity of the plot till now.]

This is really interesting, blue-lucknawi-kurta-happy guy likes the groom, whom roshini stares at but loves Deepak, who is liked by one guy in a crore, while all this is watched by the bulls bathing with either the sadhu/dhobi/worker who is really the one making the blue-lucknawi-kurta happy!! I'm already getting goosebumps, fingers crossed,beads of sweat.Hope the bull gets lucky.

They both moved towards each other and the silence of Kaveri witnesses their rendezvous. - and isn't the Kaveri the "rendezvous"?? Relax ppl, we still dont know who 'they' are? Go bull.

As every girl of sixteen starts searching for a soul mate so did Roshini and in Udai she could see her man coming - If there isn't a spelling error here, i would pray that no woman ever has to see her man come inside another man; if there is an error,then even god cannot help the said woman, man and man. [Sidenote: poor bull :( ]

..but then why Udai's face was appearing again and again in front of her smoky eyes. - Why God, why? WHY Kaveri/Jenny's/Bull/Blue-Lucknawi-Happiness-Kurta,WHY??

She was like a fish without water. - So profound,so deep,so poetic - i think i just had my deepest cut "and started having a feeling of being torn apart."

Looking up in Deepak's eye she could see her pain being reflected. - Its 'smoky' you see, concentrate on the narrative!

Deepak stood up and took Roshini by the hand and led her away from the bar .Soon they were at Rock Fort. - Guys, please remember these words. This is the one and only time in human history that these words will ever be written together. To even be able to phrase it is an art !

- I bow down to thee. Amen!

Over to PGK and Mando for more!

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