Sunday, November 18, 2012

What does a jihadi wearing jockey think to himself?

After reading this awesome post by Scott Adams on Uncool Labels, i started to think about this a bit.

In the book Freakonomics by Steven D Little, there was this chapter about the Klu Klux Klan and how it finally dissuaded. I cannot say how much of it's factually correct,but the premise of it was this - A guy goes undercover and finds out the secret codes/passwords used by the KKK and finds it so absurd (for eg, the bible/holy book that they swore by was called the Kloran!) that he spreads the word on the local radio as a joke (think he worked as a part time RJ). It soon became a souce of much hilarity and people who had been members/sympathisers of the KKK or even those who felt proud that it existed felt foolish about their association. In effect,the sense of aura that the KKK had about itself died out and gradually so did the group due to little popular support! Here in the book, Steven D Little had done some factual analysis and showed how much of a difference a popular image of a group has on its own members and consequentially on their actions. These factors contribute heavily especially when your doing radical and unconventional things. If Marlyn Manson did not do seemingly ridiculous things like removing his lower most ribs so that he could felacio himself or did not project an i'm-a-mentally-unstable-vampire-wearing-eyeliner image, i doubt he would appeal to his audience, especially since there are far better and more proficient rock musicians in the industry. His image is his only differentiator.

Which led me to think? We (and i dont mean everyone) have been fighting the war on terror for more than 6 yrs now and its definitely going nowhere. Which means we have to change the strategy now. Maybe its time to get into their heads and break them down from within. Now this definitely does not mean sending psychiatrists to Tora Bora and sitting them down for counselling sessions - 'How do you justify to your inner conscience,the will to blow your brains out and everyone else's? Yella shuhada mafi maskara,' Bang! No , that would make things worse.

I had earlier argued about how the Sardarji jokes have made the Sikh community a very jovial, fun and much loved part of indian society and it would be insane to change that, simply because they Sikhs have been stereotyped such. The easy and simple availability of innumerable Sardarji joke books like (Santa and Banta) make it all the more easier for this to propogate. Not to mention icons like Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Jaspal Bhatti. I am going to jump through hoops now and conjecture that the Sikh separatist movement was crushed not because of KPS Gills' anti-terrorism efforts,but because the militants found a copy of the Santa and Banta joke book and couldn't stop laughing till they were caught.

So , we put 2 and 2 together and voila, what do you have? the first ever Jihadi Jokes for Pre-toddlers Vol 1 Edition 1. Raised on this gripe, boy they will turn out a jolly-good fellow whom you could smoke a pipe with.

Flipping back to the joke, what will a Jihadi wearing Jockey think before he blows himself up?

"the next best thing to dead".

(inspired obviously from the Jockey billboards 'the next best thing to naked').

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